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All By Doing

When our efforts are moving right

All by doing we receive the light!

Then in love the time to say…

Victory is certain when we pray.


Faith in action moves the Earth

Only because we put Jesus first!

From the time we start to trust

We overcome bitter, unnecessary fuss!


All by doing there's joy to behold

Truth is vital for the eternal soul!

Within the heart there is a stream…

The Grace of God so pure and keen!


Now we know what has been said

Awake to mercy without any dread!

Go to where the water is flowing…

All by doing our ways are showing!


All To Jesus

There is joy from deep within…

In true faith we shall surely win!

All to Jesus - victory is great,

With eternity we have a date!


Better are those that listen well

Growing in love others can tell.

Warn this world of evil and doubt…

Teach the people to sing and shout!


Abiding in truth is such a blessing…

Because of light to endure each testing!

All to Jesus we can daily rejoice…

Total surrender is always my choice!


Complete in Christ are those that care

Saved from self - then out with fear!

People of God within these fields,

Spreading hope but first we kneel!


As We Follow

Staying ready each day we live

All to Jesus - let's gladly give!

Going forth without any delay

As we follow - we also pray!


Those that listen are so blessed…

Within the Spirit there's gentle rest.

Upon the path because of hope

God keeps us stable and afloat!


As we follow while reaching souls

Singing praises - and setting goals!

Rejoicing always within God's love,

The gift of caring is sent from above!


Now to speak so calm and free…

Jesus gave His life for you and me

As we trust this Savior and friend

The mercy of God will never end!


When Christ Returns

The moment nears this is for sure

Christ is coming with a perfect cure!

Serve Him now but first believe…

Trust His Word and give heed!


When Christ returns we will see…

The truth of God to set us free!

Those that reject will be sad…

Lost in sin with no more fads!


We need to be ready in order to go…

Spread good news wherever you go1

The goodness of God is offered to all

Unto Jesus, make haste and call.


When Christ breaks the eastern sky

Saints of God is headed up high!

Safe with Jesus within the clouds

We shall escape the wicked crowds!


Yonder In Glory

Be aware of what is to be…

Yonder in glory for eternity!

Open your eyes that you may see

The Word of God to set us free!


Being saved is a gift indeed…

Surrender your heart and give heed!

Going to where our heart is fed

Born-again and no longer dead!


Time for sure, we should not waste

Here and gone - to rest my case!

Quickly now to do His will…

By His Grace His spirit to seal!


As we grow within this way…

Take this moment now to pray.

Commit to truth and then rejoice

Here and gone - so, make a choice!


Be Not Fooled

As that day draws even nearer…

The choice is put truth over error!

The day of Christ for a true believer

All by faith we defeat the deceiver!


Be not fooled by evil and sin…

Now and forever be born-again!

Accept the offer our Savior to give

Those that do - in peace they live!


The wicked ones continues his fight

He wants to cover the perfect light!

He seeks to hinder and deceive…

So trust in Jesus and then give heed!


This fountain of hope will never end

Our mighty Savior is able to defend!

He saves His children by His Grace

Now we can rejoice in every place!


Because He's Able

Because He's able - it's time to live

God is willing to urgently forgive!

Our Savior cares all so much…

He can save with a gentle touch.


The water is pure and very deep…

Salvation is nearer than your feet!

Come to dine on manna from above…

Because He's able let's trust His love!


Within His will we find true peace…

Joy unspeakable - confusion to cease!

Where God leads we need to be…

Now and forever Jesus is the key!


Because He's able it's time to tell…

Teach of Heaven - even warn of hell!

Worship the risen Almighty King

Jesus is always the reason we sing!


Forever Christmas

All we need is a will to follow…

Not an excuse to be vain or hollow!

Daily doing what we know is right…

Forever Christmas is to walk in light!


As bells continue their familiar ring…

Within the Church where choirs do sing!

Come ye now and worship the King

Upon this truth - let us daily cling!


Forever Christmas from country to town

Carry the news - with a joyful sound!

Way up there on the highest hill…

Within the valley as we humbly kneel.


Shepherds did rest at the baby's feet

Wise men also from afar did seek!

Angels to bow when the Word did come

Christmas forever is God's Holy Son!



Glory to the Mighty King

Glory to God as we sing!

Glory in how the Savior lived…

Glory in whatever He does give!

Glory in the Highest - we pray

Glory in what God does say!

Glory in the Savior Child…

Glory each and every mile!

Glory for the gift of peace…

Glory because evil must cease!

Glory to the Lord's return…

Glory to God for all we learn!

Glory in truth - He is the light

Glory for His power and might!

Glory for the Gospel road…

Glory to Jesus for lifting each load!

Glory to the Good News story

Glory - Glory - Glory - Glory!


Learning To Rejoice

This is when we all must endure…

The Word of God will keep us pure!

Doing our best is surely the right choice

Praising Jesus while learning to rejoice!


All because we have a true reason…

Let's go forth in every single season!

Telling others about this great plan…

Learning to rejoice in every way we can!


There is hope for a soul that's in need

All by Grace we plant the good seed!

Speaking truth from heart to voice…

All because we're learning to rejoice!


Today is now and yesterday is passed…

Using this hour and then making it last!

We have a song and this we can do…

Rejoice in love and stay humble and true!


Lord - Please

Lord - please let me do thy will

Keep me safe from being ill.

Lord - please take me by my hand

Let me also reach out to a friend!


We are here but for a season…

Whatever we face there is a reason.

Lead us down that righteous path

Upon you daily our cares to cast!


Lord - please be there day by day,

O Lord, deliver me without delay!

Let my prayer be pleasing to thee

By your Spirit – Lord, set me free!


On to doing whatever is right…

Lord - please keep me in the light!

Take my heart that is given to you…

Lord - please help me to always be true!


Newer Than Before

The life of old has seen the last

A quickened soul arises so fast!

When the Spirit then enters in…

Newer than before saved from sin!


To not get right with the Word…

It shows you need to now observe!

What isn't seen gives life and hope

Air we breath not Liquor and dope!


Our God is like a gentle wind…

He hears your cry and enters in.

Faith is now our spiritual sight…

Jesus Christ is this perfect light!


Newer than before once you find…

A love that's real and Spirit so kind!

With joy unspeakable - full of glory

Once you accept the Gospel Story!


Some Really Care

They came with a song in their hearts,

Humble and alert - just to do their part.

Careful to speak what’s true and keen,

Living in love while staying clean!


Guilty of caring - then suddenly to say

Many to reject their kindness each day.

Hoping others would accept such ways,

Those to ignore their minds were dazed!


Onward motion reaching across Earth

Whatever was last - soon will be first!

Where some stayed back - few went forth

They that were denied are back on course!


It’s hard to imagine what was done…

Who are these honest and faithful ones!

All around they search out each move

First to learn - then finally to choose.


Soon To Be

The way we learn to obey…

Live for Christ - every day!

Lean not on the arm of flesh…

Upon the Lord our cares to cast!


On this path we must be true

God will show us what to do.

Go to others in Christ-like love

Speak of truth sent from above!


Soon to be - we're headed home,

Mansions of glory forever strong!

To be a part of this great jubilee

Let the Word now set you free!


We need not fret of tomorrow…

Let the Lord heal your sorrow!

Press on in hope - this is right…

Trusting Christ is to live in light!


They Came To Rejoice

Wise men came to make a choice

Seeking Jesus they came to rejoice!

As the message touched their soul…

They traveled afar strong and bold!


Bringing their gifts to do their part…

What they gave was from the heart.

We all can receive this message so dear

Escape corruption and to God draw near!


The wise men has given us a blessing…

A message of love, that’s endures testing!

They came to rejoice over the baby and King

Don't this make us want to shout and sing!


For us to be wise in this Old World…

Stop letting evil cause you to swirl.

Stay in the path the wise men sought…

Then outside of truth you won't be caught!


This Star

Within the sky so far but near

When at last - a star to appear!

All the people of this Earth…

God now offers a second birth!


To be born-again because of light

This star can give us spiritual sight!

Those that trust and then receive…

All by faith once we do believe!


From up high - now here below

From sea to sea for all to know!

Open the Book - God's Word to read

Then for sure - be willing to heed!


This Star so bright - He's Jesus Christ

He willingly became our sacrifice!

Love is here - and forever to be…

Now's the time to be gladly set free!


Time For Action

Many a soul has sadly passed away…

They never even saw the light of day!

All was done out of a life of confusion

Gravestone of death was their delusion!


Time for action when you really care

We are not saved to live a life of fear!

Stay ready for what the Lord has provided

Be not a loser once your ship has subsided!


Those that ponder and then go forth…

This kind of faith can remain on course!

Going places after having then prayed…

Victory is certain because we never strayed!


Such real hope is offered to each and all…

God has promised assurance without a fall!

Time for action within this battle of life…

Endurance is possible and mercy over strife!


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