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"Aim For Life"

So many things can try and deceive

Evil is spreading - it’s hard to conceive!

People being offered truth to receive…

For our soul Jesus was willing to bleed!


We are special - every person unique…

To get saved is to be humble and seek!

Sin is no game - this we must know…

Come to Jesus and let the Spirit flow!


Aim for life and find the real truth,

Violence at last to quickly let loose!

For every reason there is a cause…

Take time to pray within this pause!


On this earth it’s difficult to perceive…

Always remember– Jesus has the keys!

Answers will come with a genuine faith

Just aim for life - then rest your case!


Caring To Help

Speak the truth in kindness and love

Get ready always to head up above!

Go in faith in everything that you do

Be a doer and stay honest and true!


Caring to help, because life is a gift…

Caring to speak the Word we must lift!

Caring to be the person that you should

Caring what's right - honest and good!


We need always to depend on Christ

He will answer us - He's very precise!

To turn the from light and go away,

Without hope you will surely decay!


Love is the reason we can carry on…

Joy is a peace that is growing strong!

Meekness is the results when we obey,

Heaven is our home for those that pray!


Revive Thy Work

The message in life we are given…

Our loving God came from heaven!

He entered this Earth to do His will

Then give comfort to all that are ill.


We need this help every single-day…

Revive thy work as we seek and pray.

Jesus the Savior is His perfect name…

When He saves - you're not the same!


Depend upon truth in all you do…

God is there and He's always true!

Revive thy work and help us, Lord…

What was impossible is no longer hard!


By God's Grace we have the light

We walk by faith and not by sight!

Revive thy work and carry us forth

Love and prayer is our greatest source!


We Need

With each plan there is a must

No time to argue - neither fuss!

Where we go is a need to be…

Let the truth now set you free!


We need encouragement on the way

We need true hope every single-day!

We need to follow in child-like faith…

We need to surrender in urgent haste!


Sad when people reject what's right

There's no peace by living in fright!

A soul in sin is lost and undone…

We need to point them to the Son!


Hopefully now this point is clear…

Truth and faith will overcome fear!

We need help from heaven above…

We need to grow in Christ-like love!


The Love We Have

The love we have is a need,

After that it becomes a seed!

As we spread the truth, indeed

Then from there others we feed!


The love we have is such a gift,

To give our heart a peaceful lift!

Though evil pride tries to sift…

True dedication is not just an if!


The love we have takes us to glory

All because of the good news story.

Today and forever as we daily grow

Prayer and faith surely makes it flow!


The love we have is so truly great

Trust in Christ and don’t be late!

God can forgive of lust and hate…

For when we leave there is a date!


Betray Not

Awake to what we need to know

Darkness and sin is a forever foe!

Come to faith and stay on course

Jesus Christ is our only source!


Tell the lost how love will save

Christ arose up from the grave!

Trust in God and have real hope

All by Grace each day we cope!


Betray not what has been told

Let the light flood your soul!

Be not wretched neither grow cold

Stay always humble, then very bold!


Those that say but will not do…

Many are careless and so untrue!

The honest heart is what God needs

Then from there you will give heed!


Love Conquers

We go forth to do His will…

Reach the lost and help the ill.

We are here and soon to leave…

Now and always we must give heed!


Love Conquers evil by God's Grace

Love is offers from place to place!

Love is perfect and shall surely win

Love is how to be saved from sin!


We can rejoice because of the light

There is hope to endure the fight!

Trust the Lord and keep pressing on

Faith in Jesus will keep us strong!


As we pray in this place of rest…

There is power to overcome each test!

Upon the mountains things are tall…

God is able because love conquers all.


True Provider

We have a need greater than life…

Power to endure and overcome strife!

Faith to carry us oven and beyond…

His name is Jesus - God's begotten Son!


True provider for our searching soul…

Caring and kind - righteous and bold!

Meek and attentive to all that we face…

His presence is felt in every single place!


He gives joy to those who will believe

He offers hope within the gospel seed!

He offers power to overcome all doubt

He offers us a song to sing and shout!


True provider - a Savior that cares,

A loving God that calms our fears!

Forever friend and the one true Lord…

He is the Word and a two-edged sword!


There Is

There is reason why to believe…

Now and always let us give heed!

There is hope within God’s Word

There is purpose what has occurred!


When we seek what has been told…

The love of God will flood your soul!

As we apply the oil of gladness…

Peace and joy can overcome sadness!

There is sweetness when we grow

Faith is real when you let it flow!

More than ever the time is near…

On into glory because God does care!


There is power in the gospel path

Humble and kind is what will last!

This is a song written in time…

My prayer for others is truth to find!


He Is

He is God such an Almighty King

He is majestic – so let us sing!

He is wonderful and all so kind

He can heal a sad weary mind!


He can bless us everyday…

He will hear when we pray.

He is Savior – Jesus our Lord

He can defend with His sword.


He is the Word sent from above

He is caring – a God of love.

He is coming to take us home

He can forgive of sin and wrong!


He is someone that is near…

He is present - He always cares.

He is meek is such gentle ways

He can go with us all our days!


We Are Blessed

We are blessed in his love…

A perfect gift from up above!

God of truth and Lord of light

He is holy – our God of might!


Take His Grace within your heart

Living by faith is doing our part.

We press on while giving our all

Upon the Lord we need to call.


We are blessed to be His people

Across the land – many a steeple!

Worship God in a humble way…

He can give us a brighter day!


Abide in what our God has given…

We are blessed when all is forgiven.

Trust in the one that gave His life

Jesus our Savior – He is the Christ!


Only Way Out

The way is sure now we can shout…

The blood of Jesus – the only way out!

The time to believe is every day…

The message is clear when we pray!

The moments are passing so listen close

The truth is real – of works don’t boast!

The ones that trust will surrender all

The only way out – on Jesus to call.


The light is shining within the path

The love of God to always last!

The only way out from dreaded sin

The hope of life is to born again.


The door to open from inside…

The urgent need is turn from pride!

The only way out is to do so now…

The Word of God can show you how!


Here For Now

Here for now then soon to be…

Headed to glory for eternity.

The saints are now being told…

Live by faith then become bold!


Love is why we can do right…

Follow Jesus and enjoy the light!

Streets of gold to be with Christ

The Lamb of God to pay the price!


Take the time to listen now…

Word of God to teach us how.

Reach a neighbor or a friend

Do so quickly before the end!


There’s not a second to ever waste

Like a good meal to enjoy the taste!

Goodness of God is forever true

Jesus can save and make you new!


Love We Have

The love we have is a need,

After that it becomes a seed.

As we spread the truth indeed!

Then from there others can feed.


The love we have is a gift…

To give our heart a gentle lift!

When evil and guilt tries to sift

True dedication is not an if!


The love we have on into glory…

Keep telling others the gospel story!

Today and forever for all to know

Faith and prayer can help us grow.

The love we have is more than great

Trust in Christ and don’t be late.

God can forgive of lust and hate…

Judgment is certain we have a date!


Victory Goes Forth

The road ahead can often get steep…

Even the waters can become so deep!

Out ahead the mountains are high…

Soldiers in battle to make their cry!


Victory goes forth and beyond it all

God Almighty does hear our call.

Let us seek to never turn back…

Those that put off are becoming slack!


We need not fret when faith is real,

Before the Lord our soul to kneel.

As we arise and do what’s right…

Jesus will give us an armor of light!


The angels protect by God’s hand…

We are involved in a great holy plan.

Grace of God is our divine source

Love is real as victory goes forth!


Go In Faith

Live each day for we know not when

Be very sure you’re saved from sin.

Go in faith in continue to believe

Take the time to daily give heed!


Look to truth upon this path…

Reject all evil and do so fast!

Be a doer – not just a thinker…

To ignore hope would be a sinker!


Cry out to others as you speak…

Be ye loving – caring and meek.

Teach of Christ the Savior and King

Lift up your voices as you sing!


Revelation is coming this is sure

Trust and obey is eternally a cure!

Where we are then forever to be,

Go in faith and you’ll be set free!


No More Darkness

Death cannot hold us down…

No more fear to make us frown!

A child of God has this hope…

Grace and peace helps us cope!


No more flesh to rule our way…

Life is wonderful from day to day.

We have a promised given within

Come to Jesus and repent of sin!


No more darkness to block our path

We have blessings to forever last!

Truth is real and urgent too…

The mercy of God is kind and true!


No more evil to control our mind

Search for light then you will find!

Take the Lord wherever you go

Let His love to continually show!


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