"Awake While Sleeping"

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(Across The Bay)

There is a place across the bay

City so fair brighter than day.

Safe and secure, perfect and clean

Greater than any majestic dream!

People are smiling glad to be there

Stable and sure without any fear!

Across the bay nearing our sight…

Evil and pride is consumed by light!

This is a place you can call home

All is good – never any wrong.

Glad are those who enter in

Across the bay – a city with no sin!

Come and go where we can live…

God is love and willing to forgive!

Tell the people from all around…

Across the bay is a beautiful town!


(Over The Ridge)

Where the shadows meet the sky

Over the ridge where eagles fly!

As a soul meets with perfect love

Light enters in from heaven above!

Angelic forces are powerful and real

The Holy Spirit will eternally seal!

Nothing too hard for God to handle…

Sweet the scent from a fresh lit candle!

Over the ridge there is an ocean…

More to realize beyond this motion!

There are Beings we cannot see…

Angels are watching over you and me!

Wonderful, merciful redeemer friend

Almighty God to take your hand!

He offers hope beyond compare…

Just call on Jesus – He will be there!



In this world of much contention

There is adversity sad to mention!

We need a pathway to keep us safe

Sober are those with a happy face!

Why would anyone ever hold back,

Many are unstable and very slack!

Sad for those in a lost condition…

Take the time to turn from perdition!

For a saint that lives in hope…

Reach the folks that cannot cope.

Let them know that God is love

Point them daily to heaven above!

Glad and free when you are a friend

Sober and pure once saved from sin!

Living in peace is to warn of filth

Jesus can save anyone from guilt!


(Of A Truth)

Of a truth we all are told…

Only Jesus can save the soul.

All to Thee - my life to give…

Born-again the Spirit to seal.

Of a truth we daily serve…

Once by Grace to receive the Word.

When growing stronger in your faith

The light of Jesus is on your face.

This is good to follow the way

Of a truth we must always pray.

As we do what should be done

We tell the world of God’s Son.

Upon the battlefield there are many

Seeking help which is so plenty.

Of a truth we need to go…

Let the love of Jesus show!


(Voice From Heaven)

Hear these words that are clear,

Trust in Jesus - be saved from fear!

As we press forward in love…

A voice from heaven up above!

Around the globe a joy is felt

In God’s safety we are kept.

From here to yonder all is great

Voice from heaven - don’t be late!

Things are closing as time is seen

Like water flowing down a stream!

Get to where the light is shining…

Not every cloud has a silver lining!

Spirit of God gives us direction,

Word of God needs no election!

Stand for faith and live in love,

A voice from heaven up above!


(Teach Me Jesus)

Some things said will help others

Reaching out to sisters and brothers.

Teach me Jesus so we can know…

The love of God is what we show!

This is the time to go in faith,

Look the people right in the face!

What we live is what we teach,

Without unity we cannot reach!

Teach me Jesus or let me be…

Sin and darkness cannot set free!

Whatever is said reveals a sound

When in touch a message is found!

On this road of such and such…

Within a tunnel we wonder much!

To carry the hope of what is given

Teach me Jesus and tell of heaven!



There are shadows in the night

The enemy is looking for a fight!

They are headed into a trap…

Soon their minds are gonna snap

Watching close the outer edge…

Avoid all danger near the ledge!

As we continue to urgently pray

Soon the night shall turn to day.

Strange noises are lurking around

Hard at times to know the sound

Friend or foe – is now a fact…

We need not ever be idle or slack!

Watching for anything that will harm

Forward in truth – sound the alarm!

Lost are those who try to deceive

Blessed are folks who do believe!



Poetry comes in many flavors…

Good for you and your neighbors.

Read it, write it, and sing it too…

Best of all we must keep it true.

Often to rhyme and give a lift…

Describing a mountain with a cliff!

Telling about sunshine and the rain…

A message also to help you change.

When poetry is read hope is clear…

Those who care shall soon be there.

To praise the Lord in every way…

Many poems are written every day.

Poetry can warn and often teach

Most of all they try to reach.

When your poems become a book

Let your friends then take a look.


(Each Day)

Bold are those who do hate sin

All by Grace we’re born-again.

Willing are those to trust and pray

Happy are those to serve each day!

There is much for us to do…

In God’s love be always true.

Go in peace and live in light…

Soon to leave this earthly sight!

Carry a banner of love and hope,

Warn the backslider to not elope!

Encourage a neighbor - help a friend

The Word of God will not ever end!

We should always be a part…

Day by day to humble your heart!

Have a reason to gladly carry on,

Trust in Jesus and reject all wrong!



Down the road within the streets

Danger is surely trying to defeat.

A battle is raging at the door,

Jesus Christ has won the war!

In the streets lives are hurting…

With such evil gangs are flirting!

Innocent folks suffer because of a liar

Souls are caught within the crossfire!

What a blessing for a believer to say

Our true victory is when we pray.

In the streets by their choosing…

Truth shall prevail where sin is losing!

Take the gospel and drive out filth

Repent from darkness and all guilt!

Feed on love once given in faith…

Clean the streets of vanity and waste!


(Won’t Be Long)

There are things we cannot ignore,

The earth is shaking the sea to roar!

War is raging the battle is nearing…

Within the gates many are not caring!

Praise the Lord for the faithful few

God will show them just what to do!

This is the day for us to shout…

Christian believers are headed out!

Great and mighty is Jesus the King

As we rejoice we praise His name!

On the pathway of this ongoing battle

Peace to those that endure the rattle!

Won’t be long that the work will end

Faith the victory – destruction for sin!

Those who trust and are forgiven…

Our home is waiting there in heaven!


(Without Direction)

Without direction how can we learn…

Day by day we need Christ-like concern!

When we trust the one who knows

The love of God lovingly shows!

Praising the Lord is a blessing indeed

Grow in faith and cultivate the seed!

There is rest to a yielding soul…

Soon the sky will quickly unfold!

Without direction no power can deliver

Outside the gates many shall shiver!

Come to the foundation of real peace

Winds to calm and waves to cease!

We need God’s Word to have affection

Without Jesus there’s no direction!

When in kindness you seek God’s face

We get the victory by Amazing Grace!


(They Ran In)

The word was given to respond…

Rescue-workers with a family bond!

As they left to achieve the mission

They ran in with urgent submission!

The World Trade Centers had been hit

Terrorist was throwing a raging fit!

Innocent victims in buildings and planes,

Vicious radicals had gone insane!

At the scene souls to depart,

They ran in with a caring heart!

Seeking to help the victims inside

Rescue workers too brave to hide!

They gave their life for many others…

Sacrificial love for sisters and brothers!

We’ll never forget that landmark day

They ran in without a second to delay!


To the memory of all who died in the

9-11-01 attack! In appreciation to all rescue workers for their unconditional love and dedication!


(Eighteenth Of November)

Starlight covers the early morning sky

Meteor shower appears, as they fly!

Many per-minute like never seen…

Some to explode – others to stream!

Several hundred an hour was a fact

Such a sight - without any lack!

Some even came toward your face…

For two solid hours we stood in place!
We are surely being urgently told

Get Ye ready - your heart and soul!

When the trump is suddenly heard…

God will fulfill His mighty Word!

This night in November now has passed,

These precious memories will surely last!

Knowing our God gave us this view…

Always keep in mind - His love is true!


(Warn All People)

On this road of hope and peace

Many are ignoring others to cease!

Worst of all – some won’t start

There are those to harden their heart!

We are taught to give our soul

Turn from sin, humble and bold!

Receive the Word God has spoken

Jesus saves what once was broken!

In the faith there is such love…

Jesus Christ came from above!

Carry the banner of true compassion

Go in truth and not just in fashion!

As the world continues to spin

Warn all people of their sins!

Teach salvation caring and sure

Keep your life faithful and pure!


(As We Sing)

What is seen within the soul

Can be dark or bright as gold!

As we sing, the peace is known

Those who don’t will soon be gone!

Blessing of life is when we care

The love of God is everywhere.

Open the curtain as bells do ring

Rejoice in Jesus, as we sing!

We have a gift – so let it shine…

Guard your heart and enjoy a rhyme.

God has promised to meet every need

Continue to plant the gospel seed!

Thank you Lord for who you are

For being near and not so far!

To the cross of Calvary we cling

Join right in – as we daily sing!


(Forever Clean)

In my heart a feeling is emerging

Writing a poem the Spirit is urging!

Forever clean we have been told,

Never let slander into your soul!

Say a prayer instead of lying

Evil ways are so defying!

Every promise is given in love,

Trust the Lord and look above!

Forever clean, as we grow strong

No reason to do anyone wrong!

We have a mission to carry on

Soon forever we’re going home!

Saved by Grace is the reason why

Jesus came to earth for us to die!

When we do things in a humble way

Forever clean we can always stay!


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