"The Forth Day"

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Skywriter 11

Skywriter, Skywriter you are my friend

Skywriter spread your wings again…

Onward and upward we continue to climb,

Poems and thoughts, a reason, a rhyme!


While gaining knowledge from all around,

From here to yonder we’re Heaven bound.

Skywriter, Skywriter, with your ready pen,

To cancel your flight would be a sin!


They need us more than ever before,

The message we bring must be sure.

Such love and truth, so pure and keen,

Show them how to spread their wings!


To seek, to find, to be, to win,

Now here’s my heart and book in hand!

Whether few or many will comprehend,

Skywriter, skywriter, do it again!


Last Warning

Warning, warning, this is not a drill,

Many our people are hurting and ill!

Look around and know it’s not a game,

Listen closely, regardless of your name!


The wolf and the thief, who is this foe,

Working very hard to confuse others so!

Day and night fighting against homes

A violent force that plots to do wrong!


Open the envelope, easy as can be,

They also will show up on a TV!

Look at the news on the front page,

People while crying, some in a rage!


Warning, warning, time will soon end,

Jesus will help you to overcome sin!

Take a moment to pray and to seek…

Victory is real for the humble and meek!


Forgiveness Of Sin

While living for Jesus,

There’s joy to be found.

Release from your sins,

Which once had us bound.

You receive it so fully,

When not holding back…

Cast your cares upon the Lord,

Then learn the right facts.

Worry and heartaches…

Without assurance of mind!

When turning from truth

Your soul becomes blind.

Jesus has told us…

His peace He gives to you.

So ask God’s forgiveness,

And receive it so true!

Never doubt when forgiven,

But when something is in your way.

Don’t forget to forgive others,

When they cause you delay.

Then as truth grows stronger

While witnessing to your friends.

They can also be saved…

When they ask Jesus to come in!


Butterfly Dream

A butterfly dream appeared last night,

Oh what a dream, it was out of sight!

Wings of gold, yellow and green…

Flying over flowers, hills and streams!

Then within my thoughts this to say,

"Pretty little butterfly come my way."

All at once a voice to speak…

Greeting people so clean and neat!

"Upon this Earth we love you so,

We watch you as you come and go.

But when you try and touch our wings,

We fly so high as we dance and sing.

To keep from breaking us half in two,

You must wait patiently as we come to you.

Then when we land you can see our eyes,

Upon our wings that help us to rise!

With such grace so kind and pure,

Not to destroy or put in a jar!

We want you to know our reason to be,

It’s not to catch us, but to let us go free.

Then as you receive our message of love,

We spread our wings toward heaven above.

Up so high, so beautiful and keen…

To remain a butterfly, to live and dream!"


Sea of Glass

Over across this ocean here…

Angels and mansions beyond compare!

Lights of glory, fountains and streams

The crystal sea with a glorious gleam!


Where love is mingled by peace within

In awe and grandeur together we stand!

The saints to gather upon that shore

Before God’s throne for evermore!


Pure as gold with robes of white…

Joy unspeakable, rainbows and light!

Jesus is King, Savior and friend,

Walking together, hand in hand!


Rubies and Jasper, gates so strong…

Power and beauty, Alleluia we’re home!

Together we sing, at last, at last…

While standing upon the sea of glass!

To worship God for evermore…

With Jesus our Lord on Heaven’s shore!


Love Overflowing

Lit with the sun a poet once said…

"Violets are blue where Roses are Red."

Lead me in the righteous path…

Thank you Jesus, the First and Last!


It’s going to be a very rainbow day,

Love overflowing, my friend to say.

These are things we all should know…

A stream so deeply, you must let it flow!


The joy and beauty to surround us all,

A child to laugh, a tree so tall.

At times we celebrate, at times we cry…

With valleys deep and mountains high!


Rain while falling, the sun to shine

Birds while singing, we're feeling fine!

This time to recall what the Bible said,

"Jesus is Alive - He arose from the dead!"


Now as we rejoice in God while knowing

Heaven so real and love is overflowing!


Born To Write

Unjust criticisms can often be a test…

Ignore self-pity when doing your best!

Each and every day we must keep praying

All for the good, our poems and sayings!


No looking back while pressing ahead…

Don’t worry about me, someone once said!

The earth, the sky, and the lovely stars,

Comets and galaxies, Jupiter and Mars!


Life is a book, written in time…

Lend us your ears, we'll give a rhyme!

Einstein once said, "There must be order"

This we can agree, whether taller or shorter!


Everything a purpose, a time and season…

For those who will study, to learn is a reason.

Visions of light and worlds without end,

Living for Jesus - my Savior and friend!


Across The River

Across the river, up the hill…

Beyond the valley, a place to live!

Gardens are grown with joy and peace,

Where life is immortal, never to cease!


The lights of glory are all around

A place of solitude there is found.

Majestic knowledge, thoughts are keen

Water so pure and a sky so clean!


Stars to sparkle, mountains up high

Never a worry, not even a cry!

Come with us, don’t even be slow…

Receive the gift and let the Spirit flow!


On and on where love is real,

Across the river just up the hill!

Bring a friend and join right in

The love of God will never end!


Earth and Sky

On golden wings of Spirit to fly

Far above the Earth and sky!

This place appears within the mind

Way beyond this space and time.


To rise like eagles while doing fine

The joy and peace of being kind!

There is a Savior we need to know,

He takes us where we need to go!


Jesus my friend, forever to be…

He saved my soul and made me free.

Now to journey beyond the sky…

Into heaven as we head up high!


No more sorrow or earthly toil,

The sea of glass above this soil!

Behold such beauty to dance and glide,

Thousands of angels are at my side!


Upon golden wings together we soar,

Home with Jesus forever more!


Yonder We Go

Upon a glassy sea of light,

Now at last to take my flight!

Where air is pure to plunge beneath

A cloud of thunder, at my feet!

Upward far - beyond the haze…

Toward the power of sunlight rays!

Together we climb as we seek

Far above this earthly heat!

Wings of lightning - hold on tight…

Beyond all odds to scale the heights!

The chosen few it seems to be,

We’re getting closer to our destiny!

Then all at once, galaxies unfold,

Majestic beauty we can behold!

Deeper we go, inward we dash,

From star to star, in just a flash!

While reaching out and getting near,

A voice to speak, you’re coming in clear!

We’re listening closely, your next command,

We await the message for when to land!

Then back on Earth, to dry my tears,

Upon the Lord to cast my cares!


The Sounds of Progress

The sounds of progress within my ear,

The sounds of progress are everywhere!

The sounds of progress is surely found,

The sounds of progress within my town!


Sounds of people in the streets…

Sound of equipment digging deep.

Sound of building and homes to rest,

Sounds of craftsmen at their best.


Of all this work, we often think,

Of growing stronger, where cities link!

Of giving time to achieve this plan,

Of teaching children, woman and man!


Progress is a way to live…

Progress earns and also gives.

Progress is a way to show,

Progress as we come and go.


Count the Cost

Count the cost from coast to coast…

Daily compassed by a heavenly host!

Count the cost, neighbors and friends,

Jesus paid the cost for our own sins!


Now shout for joy and speak aloud,

Repent ye sinners so evil and proud!

Count the cost and number your days,

A darker night for wicked ways!


To escape the judgment once again,

Flee from evil and turn from sin!

Count the cost; not a moment too late,

Or else in truth with danger you date!


Jesus is tenderly calling you home,

Love the truth and turn from wrong.

Count the cost of what will is to be,

The blood of Jesus will set you free!


Third Heaven

There is a place way beyond…

We're going there to behold the Son.


The book of love to set the date…

A moment’s wait could be too late.


Such a blessing of truth to sing…

Oh lovely is that ocean of streams.


So many years may pass me by…

We're going there beyond the sky.


The third horizon of eternity,

A date with life and destiny!


"Moving Up"

Mediocrity it cannot stand

So get out while you can!

Move up to higher ground

Take time to be found!


There is a better way

So please don’t delay!

To be, or not to be…

Truth will make you free!


Hope is our only cure,

Heaven is eternally pure.

So together let us sing…

For amber waves of grain!


Onward as we go…

Jesus will help you grow

So thank you Lord, we pray,

For showing us the way!



Where there is hope

Behold, there is love

Where there is hope

Keep looking above

Where there is hope

Seek ye the truth

No turning back

No letting loose

Where there is hope

We know this for sure

Where there is hope

There’s always a cure

So if you feel weak

Or unable to go

Never give up

This you must know

Where there is hope

God will be there

Just take hold of this fact

Jesus does care!


One More Mile

(Part I)

One more mile - the soldier said…

Don’t stop now there’s more ahead.

Bombs while bursting in the air,

We must move on and daily care!


Why, oh why, the wounded to say,

Surrounded by smoke looking for day.

One more mile, don’t give up…

A drink of water within my cup!


All around the enemy fire…

Release my shoulder caught in the wire.

It’s hard to imagine this awesome war

While passing through a violent roar!


Set me free from this hostile force…

Run the race to finish the course!

Save my soul, Oh Lord to Plea…

Again to cry, "Lord set me free!"


One More Mile

(Part II)

All at once, the sky to clear…

A light to shine from everywhere!

Colors of purple, amber and gold…

While traveling deep within my soul.

All at once there was a calm…

To see my Jesus with wounded palms.

A voice to speak He heard my cry;

My son, my son, did you say why?

Don’t you know I’m by your side…

I too was wounded by the enemies’ pride!

Just stay strong and continue to endure,

I’m right beside you this is for sure!

Then when it’s time to head for home

I’ll call at once and it won’t be long!

Now as you awake on Earth again…

Remember these words, I am your friend!

Then within my heart He gently smiled

A voice then spoke, just one more mile!

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