Art and Book By: Pastor Dixon

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Across The Bay

There is a place across the bay

City so fair brighter than day.

Safe and secure, perfect and clean

Greater than any majestic dream!


People rejoicing, glad to be there

Stable and sure without any fear!

Across the bay nearing our sight…

Evil and pride is consumed by light!


This is a place you can call home

All is good – never any wrong.

Glad are those that has entered in

Across the bay – a city with no sin!


Come and go where we can live…

God is love and willing to forgive!

Tell the people from all around…

Across the bay is a beautiful town!


Brighter Days

Today the sound has been given…

Reject not truth sent from Heaven!

Sad the soul for turning away…

Such a condition will cause delay!


Never ignore what’s being said

The Bible is written all in red!

Many died but still lives on…

Up in glory while singing a song!


Jesus paid the ultimate price…

Come to Calvary and be precise!

Seek and pray by being daily true

Word of God shows what to do!


Spread this sound from place to place

Soon we’re going to see His face!

Trust in Jesus and shout His praise…

We’re headed toward much brighter days!


Endless Stream

Those that enter as light surrounds…

Perfect beauty is everywhere around!

Spirit of comfort while speaking to you

Rainbows of glory now flood the view!


What was faith has become sight

No longer confused by the night.

Visions of what is forever to be…

Throne of God, next to a crystal sea.


Let your heart be humble and true…

Your mind wide open - like a sky of blue.

Keep your conscience pure and clean…

Soul overflowing - like an endless stream.


Thankful are those that are forgiven,

Our home awaits us up in Heaven.

Never be ashamed of what is real,

There’s more to life, just over the hill


Caring To Help

Speak the truth in kindness and love

Get ready always to head up above!

Go in faith in everything that you do

Be a doer and stay honest and true!


Caring to help, because life is a gift…

Caring to speak the Word we must lift!

Caring to be the person that you should

Caring what's right - honest and good!


We need always to depend on Christ

He will answer us - He's very precise!

Live in light we can gladly say

Jesus is coming – most any day!


Love is the reason we can carry on…

Joy is a peace that is growing strong!

Meekness is the results when we obey,

Heaven is our home for those that pray!


Across The Sea

Engines to fire with a powerful roar…

The plane departs to another shore.

People onboard are safely buckled in…

This chariot of fabric is covered by tin.


Down the runway - passengers hold on

Coming and going - a place called home.

Up and away, their head in a breeze…

Higher in the clouds the air to freeze.


Across the sea as they safely arrive…

Those that make it are glad to survive.

Fish in the water - down deep below,

Living for Jesus as we let it show!


New location as the craft touches down

A celebration is heard across the town.

One day soon - we’re leaving here…

Within your heart – Heaven is near!


Forever We Sing

Why would anyone try to ignore…

Thunder shall unleash a mighty roar!

Things down here shall then be gone…

The way to do right is sing a lovely song!


Great is the day for those that care

We’re going up without any fear!

Songs of praises unto the Holy King

Angels join in - as forever we sing!


After then what was here on, Earth…

Majestically renewed like giving birth!

Nature to flourish; Creation will rejoice

Now is the time to accept this choice!


That which builds up, deep inside…

Gives us courage with no need to hide.

Eternal life is like a mighty stream…

In Heaven above forever we shall sing!


A Great Day

What we have from what we perceive

Gift of life - for those that believe.

A great day is upon the horizon…

Eternal morning shall soon be rising!


Come and gather where the saints cry out

We’re going up with a glorious shout!

From all nations – and everywhere around

A great reunion - those that are found!


That day is nearing - surely by far…

These humble folks, knows who they are.

The people of God that were awake…

We’re headed home – not a second late!


Resurrection morning across the deep

To worship forever at our Lord’s feet!

All is wonderful beyond the night…

Our loved ones waiting, standing in light!



Come And See

The call was given – "Come and see"

Jesus Christ can set you free!

He is so real within my soul…

The greatest peace to ever unfold.


On this journey we have a choice…

Listen daily to God’s lovely voice.

In God’s truth we can be bold…

Let the Joy of Jesus flood your soul!


Come and see – our Lord forgives

Up in Heaven we can forever live.

This is not just a passing dream…

From God’s Throne, flows a steady stream!


For the record - this is an eternal fact…

Jesus can keep you on the right track!

Get on board – we’re leaving soon…

Into God’s Kingdom over the moon!


A Perfect Gift

Sent to us as this perfect gift

Him name forever we shall lift!

Jesus Christ is His lovely name,

Just for us He willingly came!


Let us listen to His Holy Word

Sweet and gentle like a Heavenly bird!

Singing a song for all to hear…

Jesus is Savior – Our God does care!


Jesus, our King - He offers us love

Down to Earth, then Heaven above!

Mansions of light and streets of gold

Jesus Christ lives within our Soul.


Because of faith we are set free…

Holy and precious, He is the key!

A Friend forever, Savior is He…

Home in Heaven is where we can be!


On Into Glory

Jesus came and gave His best…

He overcame every trial or test!

He arose victorious beyond it all

Upon Jesus we now can call.


On into glory before His throne

He is willing to bring us home!

His love reaches far and wide

Find your place on the winning side!


There is hope for those who care

The love of God is everywhere!

Today is when to open the door…

We’re headed to that heavenly shore!


On into glory for what is written

Power of evil shall be smitten!

What a blessing while daily living

Forever with Jesus up in Heaven!


Let Go – Let God

Daily we’re closer - Heaven our choice

Soon to arrive as we lift up our voice!

Knowing quickly brightness will come

Our Home waits far beyond this sun!


As the evening light fades away,

Night is nearing to end the day!

By God’s Grace we can surely say

Home with Jesus forever to stay!


God knows for sure who you are

Heaven is real and not very far!

A breath away and forever to be…

All by Grace and eternally set free!


Trust in Christ and take His Hand…

We’re going home to a perfect land!

Take a moment and without delay

Let go – let God – then Home to stay!


Pure Light

The light is pure as can be…

Shining bright like a crystal sea!

You can be sure where you stand…

Reach out in faith - take Jesus’ hand!


God is able to help each and all

Upon our God - let us now call.

He can keep you from a fall

In true faith we must stand tall.


Because of hope we gladly sing

Jesus Christ is our Lord and King!

Come to receive His unchanging love

Our Home in Heaven waits above!


Pure light is found within our soul

Spirit of truth - good news is told!

What is spoken the reason is sure…

In sweet surrender we find the cure!


Forever At Last

As we rejoice - very soon to be…

We’re headed toward that crystal sea!

We will bow before our Holy King,

Christ our Savior – to Him we sing!


Our every need Jesus does know

We’re leaving soon Heaven to go!

Upon the Lord all cares to cast…

Home with Jesus – forever at last!


The message now unto us all…

Upon our Savior we daily must call.

When we leave for yonder to stay…

A Mansion of Glory for those that pray!


Gone to receive the perfect prize…

Over the Earth beyond these skies!

Moving upward for many a mile,

Saints of God with a joyful smile!


Rejoice Forever

Conditions down here soon to change

Everything that is God can rearrange!

Whatever we may say, think or do…

The Gift of Heaven is perfect and true!


Christ, our Savior - the One to know

Within His Word we daily can grow!

We will bring us each step of the way

Soon to enter a much Brighter Day!


Live in hope - for He is light…

All by Grace He makes things right!

Never give up - continue to rejoice…

Jesus is our ultimate, glorious choice!


Salvation is free for us to receive…

Unto each of those that do believe!

Up in Heaven to be with our King…

Rejoicing forever as we shout and sing!


Living Water

The hill is steep this is true

Up above is a sky of blue.

Music is sweet when in tune…

Way up high is a beautiful Moon.


Living water is offered to all

Upon the Lord we must call.

The Spirit is clean that enters in

All by Grace to be saved from sin.

Joy is real where peace is given…

Ask in faith and you’ll be forgiven.

Rivers flow deep upon the ground

A smile can replace lonesome frown.


Living waters within your soul…

Up in heaven are streets of gold.

Praising God with a heart of love

Faith in Jesus will take us above!


Heaven Is Open

While you can without delay

Get ye ready for that day!

Heaven is open by God’s Grace

It also is an eternal place.


Many are there that once was here

They hope for us to also draw near.

No one enters without Jesus Christ

He opened the door – He paid the price.


A place to where all is at peace…

No more violence – war has ceased!

Suffering is not able to enter in…

Free from pain and never a sin!


Heaven is open - by faith we receive

Being there is a glorious need.

To reject this gift would be a terror

The road to Heaven is straight and narrow.


This Is Real

Never growing older neither pain to feel

All by Grace - the Holy Spirit to seal.

We are destined to receive this gift

All by faith - the Word we do lift!


Telling the World, there’s no delay

Jesus could return most any day!

Get in line with what is truly right…

Abide in love and get ready for flight!


Where Eagles soar – Angels do surround

Up in Heaven is a perfect, peaceful town!

Streets are golden with light all around

You only hear a happy glorious sound!


This is real - the Bible has been written

Evil and darkness by truth is smitten!

We need to follow what has been said

The Pathway to Glory is paved in red!


Where Friends Are Forever

There are many pretenders down here

Some even say - they really do care.

Then all at once they turn on you…

Can make you wonder what to do!


In God’s Heaven, friends are forever

They won’t harm you – no, not ever!

To extend their hand - all in love…

Such real kindness is sent from above.


Few down here are willing to pray

They’re looking for that eternal day!

We’re going soon without any delay

Within that City - forever to stay!


We need not fear for what is given

Every good gift is sent from Heaven.

Where friends are forever, all by Grace

We’re going there to see God’s face!

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